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At the Orthodontic Centre we understand that each person's mouth is different, and accordingly we offer a range of orthodontic systems to help patients achieve smile perfection. So if you are looking for a fast, aesthetically-pleasing way to straighten your teeth, then 6 month smiles could be for you.

What is 6 month smiles treatment?

6 month smiles treatment is a braces system that selectively improves the teeth that appear when you smile. The system differs from fixed metal braces in that the wires are made from nickel titanium, which blend in with the colour of your teeth. What's even better is the wires are applied only to teeth revealed when you smile, by enhancing a certain aspect of your teeth; the desired results can be obtained within six months. After wearing a 6 month smiles brace, you will need to wear a retainer to fix the teeth into position.

Are there any benefits to choosing 6 month smile treatment?

Yes, there are three main reasons why people opt for 6 month smiles treatment:

  • One reason is that the treatment is quick because we work on a specific part of your smile, so treatment is faster compared to traditional wire braces.
  • Another reason 6 month smiles might be for you is if you want a subtle alternative to braces. Since the 6 month smiles system is the same colour as your teeth, you won't feel like they dramatically alter your appearance.
  • Finally, 6 month smile systems exert less pressure than traditional braces and they needn't be applied to all teeth. Therefore, they are a comfortable, attractive, speedy choice to straighten your teeth and improve your smile.

Can I have 6 month smiles treatment?

6 month smiles can be an ideal treatment to correct protruding teeth, decrease the space in between teeth, straighten crooked or overlapping teeth, and align your bite (e.g. overbites, underbites, crossbites or openbites).

In order to find out if you are eligible for 6 month smiles treatment, contact us at the Harley Street Orthodontic Centre to have an initial consultation. We can discuss your desired smile and the best ways to achieve it.

How much will 6 month smile treatment cost me?

The cost of 6 month smiles treatment varies from case to case. Once we have seen you at an initial consultation, we will have a better idea of the costs involved. We treat patients here at our practice in Harley Street, many patients find us following a search for 6 month smiles clinics in the London W1 postcode.

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