Dr Ilias Marinopoulos
DDS, Msc (Gothenburg, Sweden) (GDC: 101601)

Dr Ilias Marinopoulos

Specialist Orthodontist

Dr Ilias Marinopoulos has years of experience and skill in the art of dentistry and orthodontics, all of which he brings to his patients at the Harley Street Orthodontic Centre.

Ilias qualified in 2002 at the Dental School at the University of Athens, after which he spent three years providing his services at a military hospital. He followed this experience by attending one of the most renowned dental universities, namely the Royal University of Aarhus in Denmark, and it was from here that he first developed his love for complex orthodontics.

This new found interest and enthusiasm led him to the University of Gothenburg at the Sahlgrenska Academy in 2006 for specialist registrar training, which he qualified from in 2009. The year after he went on to complete an MSc degree, from which he achieved a distinction.

His specialist orthodontist status reflects his hard work and devotion to all of his patients, and his skill and aptitude in the treatment of even the most severe and complicated orthodontic cases. Many of his patients are able to receive this highest standard of treatment and care using invisible appliances, for effective tooth movement without the need for visible wires and brackets.

Ilias believes that all patients should have the chance of a beautiful smile, even if they suffer from highly complex conditions. Each smile, he also believes, should be tailored to the individual, an ethos he practises when caring and treating all of his patients.

Ilias offers:

  • Specialist and complex Orthodontic treatments.
  • Childrens Orhodontics - Including clear braces - Damon and Ice.
  • Adult Orthodontics - Inconito and Clear braces.
  • Orthognathic consultations
  • Illias is a registered provider for Invisalign, Damon, Incognito, Inman aligners, Simpli5, Clearstep and many other Orthodontic products.

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