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Damon braces are a modern, innovative take on traditional metal fixed braces. They provide a much finer and discreet option than traditional braces and use state of the art technology to cause the teeth to move in the wanted direction.

How does the Damon brace system work?

The Damon system uses the most modern technology to move teeth over time. The brace is made up of specially designed shape memory titanium wires, which produce gentler forces to cause the teeth to move gradually. The self-ligating technology also prevents friction and reduces pain and discomfort.

What are the benefits of Damon braces?

There are numerous benefits of Damon braces; these include:

  • Shorter treatment time - Damon braces produce results in a much shorter period of time than other treatments (usually around 6 months less than other treatments)
  • Discreet appearance - the fine wires and brackets make the brace much less obvious than other braces
  • Less pain - the brace has been specially designed to reduce pain
  • Improved dental hygiene - the Damon brace eradicates the need for elastic bands and wires, which are often prone to a build-up of plaque and bacteria

Are Damon braces suitable for everyone?

Damon braces can be used to treat a wide range of orthodontic problems, including:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Crowding
  • Twisted teeth

Damon braces are suitable for both adults and teenagers. Our experienced team here at the Harley Street Orthodontic Centre in London will be able to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for Damon braces and will advise on alternative routes if this is not the case.

Are Damon braces painful?

Damon braces are one of the least painful orthodontic treatments. This is mainly because patients do not need to have the wires of their brace tightened. Damon braces use technology that means wires are not needed, which prevents most of the pain associated with wearing braces. Initially, patients may experience mild pain and discomfort as they get used to wearing a brace but this will wear off very quickly. We treat patients here at our practice in Harley Street, many patients find us following a search for Damon Braces clinics in the London W1 postcode.

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