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General Dentistry  London

Our goal is ensure you have optimal oral health and well being.

At the Harley Street Orthodontic Centre we offer all types of general dentistry from diagnosis, hygiene and maintenance with an emphasis on preventative care to the treatment of teeth and gums to leave you with the finest oral health.

We believe in a comprehensive examination - in addition to discussing any concerns or problems you may have, we will cover:

  • An exam of the TMJ (jaw joint) and chewing muscles
  • A periodontal (gum) exam
  • An exam of the teeth and any fillings, restorations or decay noted
  • An occlusal exam (bite analysis and assessment)
  • A head, neck and oral cancer exam and analysis of the soft tissues in these areas
  • Any relevant radiographic (x-rays) required and other necessary scans
  • An aesthetic evaluation (the appearance of the teeth and gums relative to the face

Before a Smile Makeover

Before a cosmetic smile makeover, your teeth and gums must be in a healthy condition. General dentistry and good hygiene are often the first steps to a comprehensive smile makeover. Our dentists are fully equipped and trained to treat all aspects of dentistry and to bring your smile up to the optimal level of health and beauty.

Maintaining Your Great Smile

At the Harley Street Orthodontic Centre we will work with you to develop a customised dental plan that incorporates an annual dental examination, tooth cleaning by a trained dental hygienist or therapist and X-rays in order uncover or treat problems as early as possible. We will also recommend a hygiene plan in order to keep your mouth in optimum shape and minimise the risk of gum disease and future dental problems.

Oral Hygiene

A beautiful smile should be based on healthly teeth and gums. Under the instruction of our experienced hygienists, the quality of hygiene service at the Orthodontic Centre is exemplary. Our recommended hygiene appointments are from 45 minutes to 1 hour ensuring preventative clinical treatment, hand and ultra sonic scaling, prophylactic jet stain removal, air flow, dietary and cleaning advice, as well as periodontal management, advice and recommendations.

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