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There is a wide choice of orthodontic treatments to choose from when deciding to align your teeth and enhance a smile, but at the Orthodontic Centre we have chosen one of the most advanced systems for our patients in the Inman Aligner. Popularly known as 'the quick-fix brace', the Inman Aligner is an orthodontic system invented in 2008 by dental technician, Don Inman, which has since gone on to improve the smiles of countless patients across the globe.

How does the Inman Aligner work?

The appliance is made up of a clear cover, spring coil and labial bar that is able to 'squeeze' teeth into place. The components exert pressure on the upper or lower front teeth and straighten the alignment. When the appliance is worn for 22 hours of the day, changes are achieved rapidly.

What is unique about the Inman Aligner?

There are three main aspects of the Inman Aligner that make it stand out as a good choice if you're about to undergo orthodontic work:

  • Firstly, you can maintain good oral hygiene when using the Inman Aligner because it is removable, thus enabling you to floss or eat food easily.
  • Secondly, because there is a lot of pressure exerted on the teeth, the changes are achieved quickly.
  • Thirdly, the Inman Aligner is designed specifically for the front teeth and results are usually obtained in a short space of time so it can be cost-effective.

Do I qualify for Inman Aligner treatment?

If you have had braces in the past and your front teeth have moved from their desired position, you may qualify for Inman Aligner treatment. Alternatively, if you are unhappy with the natural position of your front teeth, the Inman Aligner could be ideal for you. In order to find out, contact our team at the Harley Street Orthodontic Centre and we can book you in for an initial consultation to address your suitability for Inman Aligner treatment.

What should I expect from Inman Aligner treatment?

After a consultation with our experience team, if you are told that you qualify for Inman Aligner treatment, we will look at your case individually, assessing the position of your bite, the condition of your gums and position of your teeth. Once we make moulds of your teeth, we create a custom-made Inman Aligner and monitor your progress. Treatment can take anywhere between 6 to 18 weeks. We treat patients here at our practice in Harley Street, many patients find us following a search for Inman Aligner clinics in the London W1 postcode.

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