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smile awards 2012 London

Smile Awards 2012 (Click to view photos)

We are delighted to announce that the team at Harley Street Dental Studio picked up 5 awards at the 2012 Smile Awards, including Best Aesthetic Practice in London and the national runner up. Individual awards were won by Dr Nick Fahey, Dr Darsh Patel and Rob Poland our laboratory technician. Dr Mark Hughes and Dr Fahey were also shortlisted in 2 further categories. Congratulations to the whole team.

Nicky Clarke testimonial

Nicky Clarke – Celebrity Hair Stylist

Justin and his team excel at what they do! They are professional, caring and get amazing results. I would and have recommended the Zoom! whitening to friends, family and clients.

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Tatler Supplement

Here in London, Justin Glaister's pioneering Harley Street practice Umbrella Smiles has the latest dental innovations that have a positive effect on the whole face. On offer: neuromuscular dentistry, in which electrodes are placed on the nerves on the jawline to relax muscles so as to get the correct bite - incredibly important for a youthful look because it gives more balance.

Press London

Vogue Supplement

Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers: what Americans call "British" teeth - gappy, uneven and yellow - just won't cut it on the red carpet. Cameras love perfectly even rows of dazzling teeth, and what better way to achieve that must-have Hollywood smile than to have them all capped with veneers? Who to Know: Dr Justin Glaister, Umbrella Smiles, London W1 020 7612 9810

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Hello Magazine

..." A healthy, well balanced set of teeth meet at around 400 pounds per square inch, but that pressure is shared equally among 28 teeth," says Justin. "Now just imagine if one tooth is slightly higher than the other s, then all of that load hits just one tooth. No wonder your jaw shifts in an attempt to avoid that pressure. This sets up a cycle of of clenching and grinding as the muscles work to prevent pain and damage." The chain reaction of aches, pains and tingling caused by your overworked muscles can be felt as far away as the fingers , as the nerves that supply the jaw also supply the arms...

Press London

Arena Magazine

Dr Justin Glaister, a leading Harley Street cosmetc dentist, is one of the few artisans who can blend in six or seven natural colours as well as create areas of translucency, opacity and 'artistic halos' - the fine, glassy frame that surrounds the tooth.

The Sunday Times Style Magazine

Having suffered for years from headaches, dizziness and neck and shoulder pain, I have been told by my chiropractor that the problem may be down to my jaw and teeth. My dentist, however, has been unable to help. What do you advise?

Temperomandibular dysfunction (TMD) is a syndrome that originates from an imbalance in the jaw and bite, which can give rise to symptoms such as clicking jaw joints, facial pain, numbness of the hands and fingers, back pain, ear congestion, tinnitus and insomnia. It is common for someone with TMD to hold their head in a way that places considerable strain on the neck and shoulder muscles, causing headaches.

The Alexander technique can relieve this unnecessary neck tension (see the question above). In addition, a leading dentist, Dr Justin Glaister, is pioneering a holistic dental technique called neuromuscular dentistry for treating TMD. Diagnosis involves using computerised tracking equipment to monitor jaw movement, in order to establish whether there is an imbalance between the teeth, joints, muscles, nervous system and posture. A low-frequency rhythmic pulse is used to relax the fatigued muscles and the jaw is stabilised in its new position with a discreet plastic mouthpiece. Treatment may take between three and six months. For details, call 020 7612 9810, (

Richard Dunwoody - Southpole Expedition

“As a jockey who rode for 17 years and holds the record for the highest number of falls ever, my body obviously took a few knocks and my jaw was rather out of sync!  By making a bespoke Oso Athletic Mouthguard, Dr Glaister has helped me considerably to perform to my peak level and this will be invaluable as I tackle my lastest challenge, a 700 mile trek to the geographic South Pole.  As I will be pulling a 120 pound sled across uninhabitable terrain, it is imperative that my stamina and endurance are at maximum levels, and by aligning my jaw correctly, the OSO will ensure that the rest of my body can perform to it’s optimum”.
Richard Dunwoody MBE

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