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Here at Umbrella Smiles dental practice in London we provide teeth straightening treatments to cater for a range of tooth alignment irregularities. Whether it is dental veneers, smile makeovers or the orthodontic route we are sure to have a treatment that is able to cosmetically enhance your overall appearance. You no longer need to opt for bulky, metal braces to achieve your dream smile. Our experienced team, including Specialist Orthodontist Dr Darsh Patel, will be able to help you choose a quick, discreet and effective means to straighter teeth.   

The orthodontic teeth straightening route

At our London practice you can choose from a wide selection of orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign or its counterpart for younger patients Invisalign Teen. Revolutionary treatments like Invisalign are able to straighten teeth discreetly, providing an almost entirely ‘invisible’ way to correct tooth abnormalities. For rapid teeth straightening for small adjustments we offer treatment with the Inman Aligner, 6 Month Smiles and Simpli5 clear aligners. An alternative to Invisalign braces is the Incognito lingual braces which are fitted to the inner surfaces (back) of your teeth.

Smile makeover

The smile makeover treatment option is one our team have a wealth of experience in. It is our scrupulous attention to detail that ensures each patient’s smile is shaped to its true potential. The patient is our priority and it is entirely to your discretion what treatment you wish to go ahead with, whether it is the ‘Hollywood’ look or a more discreet result you are looking for. One of the most prolific smile makeover treatments is of course:

Dental veneers for teeth straightening

Dental veneers are the perfect option if you not only want to straighten your teeth as quickly as possible but also want whiter teeth at the same time. The ‘fake nails’ of the dentistry world, Veneers are able to transform your smile in an instant, removing the need to undergo orthodontic treatment for a duration of time to achieve your desired smile.

At our Umbrella Smiles dental practice in London it is our aim to put you in the driving seat when it comes to treatment. We will listen to all your desires and any worries you may have, in order to help you decide upon which treatment best suits your teeth straightening requirements. At Umbrella Smiles you can be sure your experience will be a positive one, and that you will leave smiling with confidence. We treat patients here at our practice in Harley Street, many patients find us following a search for teeth straightening clinics in the London W1 area.

For further information about teeth straightening please feel free to contact the dental team.

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